Rules for Youth Camps/Events

These rules are for the safety of all participants and staff and to ensure the integrity the Cedar Valley-Nauvoo Mission Center youth camps/events.

Events are designed for full participation by all youth. Youth participants are expected to remain on the campgrounds once they arrive. If any participants have obligations that will take them away from the event, permission of the event/camp director and a written note from the parents/legal guardians are necessary.

Outside visitors are not allowed except by approval of the event/camp director.

Event/camp directors have the right to ask any person to leave the event/camp or grounds at any time.

Tobacco (smoking or smokeless), alcohol, illicit/illegal drugs, fireworks, and weapons are not permitted at events.

Clothing with inappropriate language, graphics, or themes are not allowed. Youth and/or staff wearing such items will be asked to change clothes.

All cell phones and car keys are collected by the event/camp director.

Youth are prohibited from bringing radios, tape players, boom boxes, CD Players, MP3 players, movie or video players, electronic game devices, computers (laptops, handheld, pocket). These items detract from community building and should not be brought to events.

Food, beverages, and candy are not allowed in the cabins/housing.

Youth are expected to stay in their cabins/housing after “lights out” unless permission has been granted by a staff member. Youth violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, which could include being sent home. The event/camp director will notify parents/guardians if extreme action is necessary.

Male/Female youth are not to go into each others cabins/housing except at times designated by the camp schedule.